Meet Our Team

John "Heinrocket" Heinricy

Chief Engineer

When John Heinricy grabbed his first steering wheel at age eight, he knew he would never want to let go. For over thirty-five years, John Heinricy, “The Heinrocket™”, has developed, tested, and raced iconic cars. His name has always been synonymous with performance and quality. It should be since he’s driven in over 240 professional races, including thirty-five 24-hour races, while continuously engineering General Motor’s vehicles. Throughout the years, automotive media and car buyers alike have enthusiastically endorsed the results.

Nathan Malinick

Director of Design

Nathan, a graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, started his career at Embraer Executive Jets in 2018. During his time at Embraer, he was responsible for the exterior design of the futuristic ‘Pulse Concept’, a first in the aerospace industry, blurring the lines between automotive and aerospace. He also was responsible for the ‘Praterra Concept’ as well as the ‘Bali Concept’ interiors, both of which explored the usage of innovative and unique materials and design solutions to redefine the business jet experience.

In 2013 Nathan graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Industrial Design, being taught in the Bauhaus tradition. Immediately following this he began his studies at the Art Center College of Design in their world-renowned Transportation Design major.

During his time at the Art Center, Nathan had the distinct opportunity to hone his craft by working with companies like Chevrolet, Honda, Subaru, Karma, Genesis, Faraday Future, and the CARLAB through internships and sponsored projects.


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